Music and Sound Desig for the video game 'Cube'

Sound designed by Elena Alekseeva
Musical ‘Cues’ composed by Elena Alekseeva
Royalty free sound effects from Wwise, Audiokinetick.

Sound design:

I applied different space reverb for the Inside and outside locations with Wwise. Then imported sound effects for the interactive items/action in the game (footsteps of the player, jumps, breath, death, etc.; shotguns; sounds for zombies and pick up items). I recorded my voice with the sentences - ‘Welcome to the Cube’, ‘well done’, ‘be careful there is a lot of monsters around’, that will support the player through the gameplay experience.

Audio production software: Logic Pro X
Sound design middleware: Wwise (Audiokinetik)
Video game example ‘Cube’: free 3D video game platform specially designed for Wwise (Audiokinetik) users.

'Kind providence'

'Kind providence' is an album by Niamh Parsons and Graham Dunne, in a genre of Irish Traditional music. Couple of years ago, Elena supported those talanted duet and made a piano recording for one song of the album (track 12). 

Incredible work of Niamh Parsons and Graham Dunne.

For those, who wish to listen to the album, the CD is available:

Presentation at the Royal Academy of Music 13/11/2015, London,UK

On the 13th of November, 2015. Elena will present her research project at the Royal Academy of Music (London) on the seminar series for PhD composers (work in progress). The presentation will cover the following areas:  collaborative process between dancers/choreographers and musicians/composers. Will be presented her academic paper with some examples of musical composition. 

We all looking forward for it!

17th of September 2015. 'Written and Composed: Truth / Lies'

I am happy to announce that one of the video documentaries 'Moving away' will be screened on the 17th of September , 19:30pm in Hackney Attic, 270Mare Street, E8 1HE London, United Kingdom. Everyone is welcome!

'MOVING AWAY' - Episode 1
Hugo Cortes
London, UK

A Motion Dance Collective Production
Filmed and Edited by Omari 'Motion' Carter
Dance by Hugo Cortes, Salvador, Brazil
Music composed by Elena Alekseeva

'The importance of music theory and composition in dance electronic music production'

In addition to Elena's research subject, that is 'Music Composition and Sound Design for Contemporary Dance', she will give a presentation about contemporary dance electronic music production.

The presentation will cover the following areas: 

  • Problems that arise in dance electronic music when music theory is not applied (with showing examples);
  • The importance of music theory and composition in contemporary musical practices;
  • Composing for moving images.  

2/06/2015 Royal Holloway, University of London

Digital Music Presentation‏ at the Southampton SOLENT University


02/03/2015 Southampton SOLENT University, United Kingdom

Digital Music Presentation‏ at the Southampton SOLENT University for BA (Hons) in Digital Music course.

On this presentation Elena will talk about her career development, and about the transition that was made from being a professional classical pianist to a composer/producer who works with computer-based digital music technology.
Presentation of her produced works and integration of live piano with digital sounds. What DAW is she using and why? Which synthesisers is she using and why? How she create her own sound design? Music for the dance films. How she acknowledge certain movements of the dancer and not others? Suggested ‘narrative’ in the music, and which emotions is she want to convey?