Elena Alekseeva's musical career started as a child when she began training as a classical pianist. Twenty years of that training has given her a comprehensive classical repertoire. She also studied musical analysis which lent her a deep understanding of the structure and form of classical composition along with an expert knowledge of music theory, harmony, melody, etc. Elena also began performing at an early age and she has continued performing through the present. From this solid grounding in classical music, her career is growing, changing, and expanding as she combines modern tools and techniques with traditional compositional skill. This transition from classical training to modern composition and the fusion of the two allow Elena to explore her love of both the traditional and the avant-garde in her composition process.

In addition to classical piano training, digital music and recording studio practices have always been of interest to Elena in her musical development. She played as a keyboardist in several bands playing in styles ranging from Rock to Hip-Hop. This experience allowed her to develop improvisational skills and was an initial experience working with the technology of synthesized sound. Elena completed her first compositions in popular music (songs) at eighteen years old. 

Elena's work with dancers also began at the age of eighteen. She played as an accompanist for Eurythmic classes at the Moscow Waldorf School. Later, she played as an accompanist for the Moscow Academy of Dance's Natalya Nesterova. Elena had a position as a sound designer at a theatrical circus company called 'Aquamarine'. This helped her to understand the role of sound design in live performance. This job included setting the sound for live performances and collaborative work with dancers, circus artists, singers, and stage directors.

In 2012, Elena moved to Ireland to obtain her Masters degree at the University of Limerick. It was an amazing experience and a period of hard work which became a foundation for her future work in music. Elena's Master's degree was completed as a classical pianist. During her work on the degree she also had the opportunity to teach as a lecturer and tutor for undergraduate students in the Irish World Academy of Music and Dance.

Elena's time at the University of Limerick was also a period of experimenting and completing new challenges. She engaged in daily studio work and began to learn to use Logic Pro, Max/MSP, Supercollider, and Processing alongside her her work and practice as a classical pianist. She took part in several projects which allowed her to begin exploring her own compositional methodology for dance and to start applyiong this method to new, creative compositions.

The process of developing her methodology still continues as part of her work as a PhD candidate at the Royal Holloway, University of London. The development extends beyond her compositions and includes personal development and creating her own, individual compositional voice. She continues to improve and build on her skills in collaborative art and composition.