MUSIC COMPOSITION AND SOUND DESIGN FOR digital platforms (screen dance and video games)


London-based composer Elena Alekseeva currently working on collaborative projects for digital media applications


Field of interest: electronic dance music, screen dance, music for video games, interactive web design with HTML & JAVA script programming. 

                                 Screen dance project: 

Elena Alekseeva has developed a methodology for the composition of digital music for dance. She applies this process in the creation of musical scores for dance films. Elena's compositions focus on emphasising the connection between movement and sound through the application of precise sound design. She looks for strong relationships between the aural and the kinesthetic worlds in order to best translate and convey the visual characteristics of dance through music. Her compositional language is a mix of melodic expression, fusion of digital electronica and classical instrumentation. 

Please find below recently released screen dance video-documentaries 'Moving Away' in collaboration with 'The Motion Dance Collective'.


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