Skills: Wwise, Unreal Engine 4

‘Space whale’- Bubble Shooter

Elena has recently collaborated as a composer and sound designer on the Bubble pop arcade puzzle game. The game can be downloaded on Apple Store. Please, check it out!


'The Tension'

Our current video game 'The Tension', who Elena is composing music for, will be exhibited in Manchester at the Play Expo on the 14th-15th of October, 2017.

The game will be released on Xbox and PC! 





In collaboration with Party for Introverts Ltd. Music composition for the game. 

Music and Sound Design for Circuit VR.

In collaboration with ARM Ltd. (Cambridge, UK)ARM Community website

It was very interesting to collaborate on the project for mobile VR with ARM Ltd (Cambridge). 

My brief, was to create music and sound effects for the Circuit VR app to elevate and enhance the user experience. The app was exhibited at GDC 2017 in San Francisco, US.

ll the developers were very professional, supportive and helpful. I particularly want to say thank you especially to Sylwester Bala for introducing me to the project and Daniele Di Donato for his patience; our collaborative work was an invaluable experience and exciting creative process.

This was our first collaboration and I want to share my experience and emphasise some aspects of it which worked and how it could be improved in future. 

When the development team approached me and commissioned to compose music for the project, they had a very clear vision of the game. The game playable prototype was a first versions of a concept. 

For me, as a composer it was very important to clarify exactly what the aesthetics of the concept were? Time, world, location, mood and feelings of the story, from this set of tools I am able to choose the right instruments and genre for the music. What could be used and what couldn’t be used. 

The main successful aspect of it was that we had a list of audio requirements in relation to the storyline. And ongoing critical feedback from the development team helped me to clarify musical elements for approval.

Another technical aspect, worth noting is that music software programs should be well aligned with developers. Technical incompatibility may slowed down collaboration process, however in our case I don’t believe it affected the quality of the finished product in any way.


More projects coming soon.


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