Music and Sound Desig for the video game 'Cube'

Sound designed by Elena Alekseeva
Musical ‘Cues’ composed by Elena Alekseeva
Royalty free sound effects from Wwise, Audiokinetick.

Sound design:

I applied different space reverb for the Inside and outside locations with Wwise. Then imported sound effects for the interactive items/action in the game (footsteps of the player, jumps, breath, death, etc.; shotguns; sounds for zombies and pick up items). I recorded my voice with the sentences - ‘Welcome to the Cube’, ‘well done’, ‘be careful there is a lot of monsters around’, that will support the player through the gameplay experience.

Audio production software: Logic Pro X
Sound design middleware: Wwise (Audiokinetik)
Video game example ‘Cube’: free 3D video game platform specially designed for Wwise (Audiokinetik) users.